CSE APRIL/MAY 2018 Timetable


Sem Subject
Subject Name Exam
1 MA6151 Mathematics-I 21-MAY-18 FN
1 HS6151 Technical English-I 22-MAY-18 FN
1 PH6151 Engineering Physics- I 23-MAY-18 FN
1 CY6151 Engineering Chemistry- I 24-MAY-18 FN
1 GE6152 Engineering Graphics 25-MAY-18 FN
1 GE6151 Computer Programming 26-MAY-18 FN
2 HS6251 Technical English-II 21-MAY-18 AN
2 MA6251 Mathematics-II 22-MAY-18 AN
2 PH6251 Engineering Physics-II 23-MAY-18 AN
2 CY6251 Engineering Chemistry-II 24-MAY-18 AN
2 CS6201 Digital Principles and System Design 25-MAY-18 AN
2 CS6202 Programming and Data Structures I 26-MAY-18 AN
3 GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering 03-MAY-18 FN
3 CS6303 Computer Architecture 05-MAY-18 FN
3 CS6304 Analog and Digital Communication 07-MAY-18 AN
3 MA6351 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations 12-MAY-18 AN
3 CS6302 Database Management Systems 17-MAY-18 AN
3 CS6301 Programming and Data Structures -II 19-MAY-18 FN
4 CS6551 Computer Networks 24-APR-18 AN
4 CS6401 Operating Systems 07-MAY-18 FN
4 CS6403 Software Engineering 11-MAY-18 FN
4 MA6453 Probability and Queueing Theory 14-MAY-18 AN
4 CS6402 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 16-MAY-18 FN
4 EC6504 Microprocessor and Microcontroller 18-MAY-18 FN
5 CS6501 Internet Programming 09-MAY-18 AN
5 CS6503 Theory of Computation 11-MAY-18 AN
5 MA6566 Discrete Mathematics 14-MAY-18 FN
5 CS6502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 16-MAY-18 AN
5 CS6504 Computer Graphics 18-MAY-18 AN
6 CS6001 C#  and .Net Programming 26-APR-18 FN
6 GE6757 Total Quality Management 26-APR-18 FN
6 CS6002 Network Analysis and Management 26-APR-18 FN
6 IT6702 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 27-APR-18 AN
6 GE6084 Human Rights 27-APR-18 AN
6 IT6502 Digital Signal Processing 30-APR-18 AN
6 IT6004 Software Testing 05-MAY-18 AN
6 CS6660 Compiler Design 08-MAY-18 FN
6 CS6659 Artificial Intelligence 10-MAY-18 FN
6 CS6601 Distributed Systems 12-MAY-18 FN
6 IT6601 Mobile Computing 15-MAY-18 FN
7 CS6005 Advanced Database Systems 23-APR-18 AN
7 CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications 24-APR-18 FN
7 BM6005 Bio Informatics 25-APR-18 AN
7 CS6004 Cyber Forensics 25-APR-18 AN
7 CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security 26-APR-18 AN
7 EC6703 Embedded and Real Time Systems 28-APR-18 AN
7 CS6003 Ad hoc and Sensor Networks 02-MAY-18 AN
7 IT6801 Service Oriented Architecture 03-MAY-18 AN
7 CS6704 Resource Management Techniques 08-MAY-18 AN
7 IT6005 Digital Image Processing 09-MAY-18 FN
7 CS6703 Grid and Cloud Computing 10-MAY-18 AN
7 CS6007 Information Retrieval 15-MAY-18 AN
7 CS6006 Game Programming 15-MAY-18 AN
7 IT6006 Data Analytics 15-MAY-18 AN
8 CS6801 Multi - Core Architectures and Programming 23-APR-18 FN
8 CS6009 Nano Computing 25-APR-18 FN
8 CS6010 Social Network Analysis 25-APR-18 FN
8 MG6088 Software Project Management 27-APR-18 FN
8 GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering 28-APR-18 FN
8 CS6011 Natural Language Processing 28-APR-18 FN
8 IT6011 Knowledge Management 30-APR-18 FN
8 CS6013 Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development 30-APR-18 FN
8 CS6008 Human Computer Interaction 30-APR-18 FN
8 GE6083 Disaster Management 02-MAY-18 FN
8 CS6012 Soft Computing 04-MAY-18 FN