Monday, August 8, 2016

Is your ANTIVIRUS working ... Check in 2 Minutes

Its a clear that everybody have any antivirus software in your computers/Laptops......

But are you sure that its in working state or simply having for a sake...

Here we provide a simple option to find whether your antivirus program works or not.....

1.Open new text document or notepad

Right click on your desktop click New->Text Document
open run command(press windows key+R) then type "notepad" click ok

2.copy and paste this line to notepad


3.In notepad go to file menu select "Save As".

In windows select Save As type to "All Files" then type file name "virus.exe" then click save.

Okay fine now your antivirus called this file an virus.

your antivirus is worked successfully

If your antivirus not detected it an virus your system have a big problem.
change your antivirus security or update your antivirus..

" Don't be selfish by saving your own system "