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Help students make things better with science.

The Google Science Fair is an online science and engineering competition open to students ages 13 to 18 from around the globe. It encourages them to change the world through scientific inquiry and problem solving. They’ll learn about their chosen topic and develop key skills along the way.

Every year, teachers and mentors play a huge role in the Google Science Fair. Many past finalists and winners credit their teachers with telling them about the competition in the first place and supporting their participation. We’ve put together some resources so you can involve your own students, build on existing classroom learning and contribute positively to their experience.

Join us in helping to champion a new generation of innovators.

Get the posters for your classroom

Even though the competition is over, hang these posters up in your classroom to inspire students to make something better with science


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Activity 1: Where does the idea come from?
If you’re a student, make sure you receive permission from your parent first, before working on this activity guide with a mentor.

Big discoveries start as questions; thoughts about the world around you. This guide is to help you support students, ages 13-18, as they come up with ideas for scientific exploration.

Time needed: 30 mins
If you have more time, you could run the full Google Science Fair lesson plans with a group of students. They break down a way of introducing the competition, or any science fair, into the classroom. They have been created for different age groups to use in any class.

Coming up with an idea for the Google Science Fair
The ideas that inspired past GSF finalists and winners came from the world around them – the environment, their family, current events or challenges facing their local community. Scientists are curious, and ask questions about the world around them. How can you help your students do the same?

Three ways to come up with an ideaTry reviewing the following three methods with your students (use this activity guide alongside your Worksheet) 

Ask “Why and “How can we?” - Over the course of one day, think about your surroundings and ask questions with an eye out for what you can do to make that situation better.
Watch the news for inspiration - What’s going on in the world? Whether locally, nationally or globally there’s lots going on. Use current events as a guide to start thinking of ideas.
Speak to people - Whether it’s a teacher, parent, sibling or friend, often the best ideas come from just talking with people. 

Use this worksheet for an interview.
Everything is better with science.
Post your questions on social media with #howcanwe to get more ideas from other scientists too!

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