Friday, October 2, 2015

Film a story in INDIA for GOOGLE-10th October 2015

GOOGLE Taking Part in Filming India on 10th October
10th October 2015

Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap invite you to help film the story of a single day in evolving India.


This is a unique moment in our history, a time of great change.

So on Saturday 10th of October, grab your camera, film your day, and show us what life in evolving India is all about.

Show us how you socialize with friends and connect with family; show us your work life and your aspirations; show us what you love and what you worry about.

Help us capture how India is rapidly changing: what can you do today that you couldn't five years ago? What do you hope for? What would you like to change or achieve?

Together we'll create a truly special film. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, the personal to the profound; we'll capture a moment of time as seen by thousands of people, all across India.

India in a Day. Presented by Google, executive produced by Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap, directed by Richie Mehta, filmed by you.




Taking part in India in a Day is simple. On 10th October grab your camera (or smartphone) and film something.

There's no good or bad story to tell. It might mean recording a typical day, or finding someone for whom 10th October will mean something extraordinary. You can film yourself or someone else. Film anywhere in India, in any language. We want the film to be a true representation of India today.

Then come back to this website on 10th October 2015 and you'll have a week to submit your footage.



Use any camera

We'll accept footage shot on any device, including mobile phones, but please try to get the highest quality footage and sound you can. If your camera lets you choose, please record at 16:9 ratio, 25 frames-per-second.

·         Landscape

Shoot landscape

Make sure to shoot in landscape mode.

·         Film anyone

Film yourself, your family, your friends or even strangers. Make sure to get their permission by having them sign an Appearance Release Form. Download it here. If you're filming anyone under the age of 18, get their parent or legal guardian to sign the form on their behalf. If you do not get permission from people to feature them in your video, we may not be able to use it.

·         Location

Film anywhere

You can film in your home, your work, or out in the world. If you're filming in a public place, it's generally okay to film without getting permission. In privately owned locations, make sure the owner of the location is happy with you filming there. We may later have to ask you to get the owner to sign a Location Release.

·         Aspect Ratio

Upload everything

Upload your original uncompressed, unedited footage. Come back to the website on 10th October 2015 for more information on how to do this.



·         Copyright

Film brands or famous images

Don't shoot posters of a famous person, or artwork, or shoot brands or trademarks, such as cans of Coke unless you have the rights or permission to do so. If you do, we probably won't be able to use your video.

·         Music

Use music

Don't use any music in your video, in the background or overlaid as part of the soundtrack.

·         Law

Break the law

Pay attention to your surroundings and your safety.

·         No swearing


Don't record yourself or others swearing or doing anything obscene or violent. We won't be able to use this footage in the final film.

·         Telling the story


Don't worry about the right way of telling your story. There is no right or wrong way! Just have fun.