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EE2451 Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation

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Previous year question papers

Normally previous year question papers are more important for finding which are the repeated questions and to concentrate on those question more for semester exam.
So provided some of the question papers for your reference.. 


                                                                                                                                                3 0 0 3
To expose students to the main aspects of generation, utilization and conservation.

To impart knowledge on Generation of electrical power by conventional and non–conventional methods.
Electrical energy conservation, energy auditing and power quality.
Principle and design of illumination systems and methods of heating and welding.
Electric traction systems and their performance.
Industrial applications of electric drives.

UNIT I POWER GENERATION                                                                                                     9
Review of conventional methods – thermal, hydro and nuclear based power generation. Nonconventional
methods of power generation – fuel cells - tidal waves – wind – geothermal – solar - bio-mass - municipal waste. Cogeneration. Effect of distributed generation on power system operation.

UNIT II ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF GENERATION                                                                    9
Economic aspects of power generation – load and load duration curves – number and size of units – cost of electrical energy – tariff. Economics of power factor improvement – power capacitors – power quality. Importance of electrical energy conservation – methods – energy efficient equipments. Introduction to energy auditing.

UNIT III ILLUMINATION                                                                                                              9
Importance of lighting – properties of good lighting scheme – laws of illumination – photometry - types of lamps – lighting calculations – basic design of illumination schemes for residential, commercial, street lighting, and sports ground - energy efficiency lamps.

UNIT IV INDUSTRIAL HEATING AND WELDING                                                                    9
Role electric heating for industrial applications – resistance heating – induction heating – dielectric heating - electric arc furnaces. Brief introduction to electric welding – welding generator, welding transformer and the characteristics.

UNIT V ELECTRIC TRACTION                                                                                                    9
Merits of electric traction – requirements of electric traction system – supply systems – mechanics of train movement – traction motors and control – braking – recent trends in electric traction.


Prescribed books

1. C.L. Wadhwa, ‘Generation, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy’, New Age International Pvt. Ltd, 2003.
2. B.R. Gupta, ‘Generation of Electrical Energy’, Eurasia Publishing House (P) Ltd, New Delhi, 2003.

1. H. Partab, ‘Art and Science of Utilisation of Electrical Energy’, Dhanpat Rai and Co, New Delhi, 2004.
2. E. Openshaw Taylor, ‘Utilization of Electrical Energy in SI Units’, Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd, 2003.
3. J.B. Gupta, ‘Utilization of Electric Power and Electric Traction’, S.K. Kataria and Sons, 2002

2 Marks and 16 Marks

Lecture Notes

"Guide to Electrical Power Distribution Systems" by "J.Pansini" Download link

"Wind Energy System for Electric Power Generation" by "Manfred Stiebler"  Download link

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