Sunday, October 5, 2014

அரசுப் பள்ளிகளை நவீனத் தகவல் தொழில் நுட்ப வசதிகளுடன் மேம்படுத்தத் திட்டம்

                     "Government schools would be upgraded to modern information technology" said by Human Resource Development Ministry, Smriti Irani. In that children school attendance, including the information about the student are to be notified to parents via phone, and more facilities are to be added .

             On the implementation of the scheme, interaction with state governments is on action she added.    

                  On talking about the issue on teachers day name change, Smriti Irani said that central government didnt take any action to change the name as  Guru Utsav.... Smriti Irani explained that it was a title for the essay competition...